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sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2009

my best friend


This is Cocco. She's my best friend and the creature I adore the most ♥

Whenever i'm angry at the world she always manages to make me smile :) with her sweet eyes!
Yep, i know, i know.... i'm a fanatic for felines lol but they have such personalities xD dificult, perhaps, stubborn, most of the time, but, unlike dogs, they seam more human.
i have five cats, and each one of them have complete unique personalities.
on the other hand, all my dogs were basically the same. maybe they were an exception, but that's my opinion on canines =/

anyway, i love my Cocco! :) she's the friend i can trust!
(XD cause humans aren't worthy of my trust :P ahah)

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